About SEWW Energy

SEWW Energy - Sun, Earth, Wind, & Water is a global Minority-Owned firm headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, that develops and operates sustainable energy & healthcare solutions.

  • SEWW Energy was founded in 2011 by Kevon R. Makell and has a management team with over 100 years of collective experience.
  • The Company is divided into two primary divisions, one addressing the need for sustainable energy solutions and the other addressing the need for cost efficient mobile to permanent healthcare response units.

SEWW Energy has brought together creative, talented and seasoned professionals to skillfully address these energy challenges. The team has a common desire to serve the underserved through the supply and delivery of energy with our customized micro-grid energy systems. Our collective experiences include:

  1. Professional energy advisory services
  2. Power generation and distribution system solutions
  3. Management consulting services
  4. Conventional and renewable energy & energy storage strategic planning and modeling services
  5. System integrated design, product and equipment sourcing and procurement services
  6. Detailed design and installation of hybrid renewable energy systems
  7. Smart micro-grid pilots and projects that provide for security and reliability of power supply to essential services for municipalities in both on and off-grid configurations
  8. Energy efficiency and energy management system solutions

Additionally, SEWW Energy will use a customized design software that provides preliminary design concepts and savings analysis, which prevents expensive overbuilding and excessive fuel costs. It also allows our clients to view their individualized SEWW Energy solution prior to project development.

  • SEWW Energy’s tactical approach to addressing large scale needs affords its customers creative, flexible, efficient and financeable solutions.
  • SEWW Energy customizes energy solutions for:
  1. Interconnected System Configurations and Self Contained Rural Electrification
  2. Deployment in Disaster Recovery and Emergency Response,
  3. Healthcare Mobile Medical micro-grids,
  4. High Efficiency Data-Center Redundancy, and
  5. Smart Energy Management.
  • Our tactical approach results in the creation of Power Reliability Centers with independent generation, transmission & distribution and utility service capabilities. These Power Reliability Centers can run interconnected as part of the macro-grid and/or operate as self-contained micro-grid systems.
  • Our Proprietary Global Healthcare Solution utilizes micro-grid technology to deliver short, mid and long term healthcare infrastructure to rural and underserved jurisdictions that do not have access to secure and reliable power supply and grid support. SEWW Energy Medical Mobile micro-grids will also be deployed in Disaster Recovery/Emergency Response situations such as the Ebola Crisis, Hurricane Sandy etc…