Services Overview

SEWW Energy's services can be offered individually or as bundled packages that are unique to specific customer needs. This includes:

  1. Energy management
  2. Renewable energy strategic planning, modeling and impact assessment
  3. Community and Economic Development impact analysis
  4. Product & equipment sourcing and procurement
  5. System integrated design and build
  6. Training and development programs

Our expertise culminates in the development of microgrid systems that meet community economic development objectives by considering economic, environmental and social needs.

SEWW Energy’s approach supports the development of projects that are

  1. driven by analytics and data,
  2. well integrated with the macro-grid,
  3. executable and
  4. financeable

Energy, Network Infrastructure, Smart-Grid Development & Integration

  • Detailed transmission and distribution design
  • Predevelopment & detailed work plan
  • Installation of network circuits, advanced metering and network automation
  • Substation construction, control and communication
  • Capacity building

Utility Grid Support

  • Improve voltage and frequency control
  • Construction of bulk power supply points and feeders
  • Development and implementation of billing and load forecasting software
  • Technical loss reduction program
  • Testing and supervision

Mobile Healthcare Units

  • Mobile advanced clinical care assets
  • Self-contained units - powered by Micro-grid solutions
  • Healthcare infrastructure for patients/healthcare workers
  • 15-20 Year Life Cycle

Clean Technology and Smart Energy Systems

  • Smart energy management system products
  • Small to large scale renewable energy solutions
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Energy storage products and services

Local & Transportable Power Generation and Delivery

  • Power mission critical services
  • Provision of continuous power to affected disaster communities
  • Self-contained micro-grid solutions to support rural electrification efforts
  • Conversion of diesel to electricity

High Efficiency Data Management

  • Power redundancy at point of contact
  • Provide real time fault and outage management
  • Household energy usage visibility and control
  • Secure web interface and reporting
  • Efficient meter data management in near real-time