What is a Microgrid?

Microgrids are self-contained power systems that can generate, distribute, monitor, manage and store power on a local community basis. These systems can be as simple a generator hardwired to a load, or more complex, using distributed renewable energy, storage and load management that is cleaner, cheaper and more reliable. Microgrids can work in conjunction with the traditional, centralized bulk power grid, but their key feature is the ability to operate independently, without the support of a larger grid.

  1. SEWW Energy's community-based microgrids leverage renewable energy and smart technologies to improve the efficiency, security, reliability, management and cost of power supply and to drive community economic development.
  2. Our microgrids redefine community by creating aggregated, local power pools that add many smart benefits associated with the smart home, smart meter, smart grid, smart network, and smart neighborhood. These create local reliability centers that are partially powered by nature to build sustainable communities.
  3. SEWW Energy structures its community-based micro-grid solutions to deliver a return to all community stakeholders (investor, policy maker, consumer, banker, public/ investor owned utilities).